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Sociologist out here in Central Pennsylvania trying to stir up the pot a bit and inspire some critical thinking. I'm co-director of the Race Relations Project at Penn State University.

Week Two – Lesson 2: Intro to Race

posted by Sam and Michelle Post your 450 word (minimum) comment and 100 word (minimum) response to a classmate. You should be responding to the two lectures about an introduction to race. You can write anything you want about whatever you hear in the lectures. tamoxifen us accutane or … viagra femele buy cheap purchase […]

Stories for Uplift

posted by Sam Richards deltasone 10 mg order diflucan levitra on line pharmacy viagra dose cialis rx One child is Chinese and the other is Malaysian. I guess they shouldn’t be falling in love… Share on Facebook

Letter from an Inmate

posted by Sam Richards A number of people have asked about our experiences with “lifers” at the prison–what it’s like? can you visit? who are these people? With that in mind Laurie asked one of them to write something that we could put on the blog and have you step inside the mind of someone […]

Tent Cities in Haiti

posted by Sam Richards This is a great video to show the complexity of economic life. When you think “economics,” consider consumption and production. People accumulate resources, manipulate them in some way, and then repackage or resell them at a higher price to someone else–produce and consume. Or they offer some service to fulfill some […]

Christian Invaders – the full lecture

posted by Sam Richards In the event that you’d like to revisit the lecture (I can’t imagine) or that you know someone who would like to see it (a bit more likely), here it is. This particular version of the lecture took place during the Fall 2009 semester. efectos xenica viagra pharmacy uk Share on […]

Christian Invaders – the turnaround

posted by Sam Richards So what do you think about the lecture? What did you walk away contemplating? viagra website IF YOU DID NOT COME TO CLASS, DON’T EVEN BOTHER TO COMMENT ON THIS VIDEO BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND THE POINT OF THE LECTURE. ALSO, I WAS NOT SAYING THAT IT IS A “CHRISTIAN […]

Creating Terrorists

posted by Sam Richards There is a good deal to say about creating “terrorists” and making enemies. I guess I laid out what seems to me to be a reasonable argument in the Christian Invaders lecture…but I didn’t have time to give a good many concrete examples of killing civilians. Here is a timely article […]


posted by Laurie Mulvey So what is it to be a woman? If you take away body image, what is it about being female that ties together women of all shapes, sizes and cultures? And does Hollywood really portray all women? Women of all shapes and sizes and facial features? viagra online includes consultation cheapest […]

Want to Learn Chinese (Mandarin)?

posted by Sam Richards I’ve been saying for over a decade that students should learn Mandarin if they want to ensure that they’ll have a future in the economic marketplace that includes unlimited upward mobility…and a job. Out of the thousands who have heard the message, a few have listened. Not bad. levitra in uk […]