Becoming a TA

The SOC 119 TA application process consists of two steps.

First, fill out an online application by clicking on the link below. You can do this at any time during the course of a semester but we’ll assume that you are applying for one of the 32 group facilitator slots for the following semester.

Second, in early November and late March of each year we conduct interviews for all applicants. All interviews are conducted in small groups so that you will go through the process with 3-5 of your peers. Once we decide on the days and times for those interviews, you will receive an email reminding you to go online and sign up.

Before applying for a TA position, seriously consider the following:

1.  Facilitating discussion groups on race relations is not easy, and it is emotionally challenging.
You must be ready to be confused and to feel things, as well as to explore your racial identity
and other aspects of yourself more deeply.

2.  SOC 300 is a 4-credit group facilitator training class called “Preceptorship in Sociology.”
You must take this class during the same semester that you would be facilitating two
discussion groups.  That means you must have the flexibility to schedule these three additional
class times into your basic schedule.  (And don’t just consider your class schedule; consider
your workload, job, and extra-curricular activities as well.)

3.  There are TWO different sections of SOC 300 and you MUST be available for one of them:

Mondays, 3:35 – 6:35  or  Tuesdays, 3:35 – 6:35

4.  SOC 300 is an extension of SOC 119, but is a different experience–sometimes a more
uncomfortable one.  Whereas in SOC 119 you learn about culture and history and political
systems, in SOC 300 you will learn more about interpersonal relations and yourself.  This
can be painstaking work–and it can be enlightening.  But for someone who needs lots of
structure and clear answers, or who is looking to take SOC 119-Part II, this is not the class
for you.

5.  You will NOT receive an automatic “A” for your work in SOC 300.  As in other classes,
your grade is based on a series of assignments, as well as your degree of preparation,
responsibility and dependability in your work as a TA.

6.  In order to be a teaching assistant, you must be enrolled in classes (full or part time–and
you can be a provisional student), have taken SOC 119, and be selected.

~ It’s a good idea to talk to current and former TAs to get a better idea of what to expect if you
are selected.

~ If you still feel inspired to join us in this work, we would love to have you apply.

We want applications from students of all cultures, faiths, sexual, and (especially) political orientations.  The more diverse we are in ideologies, backgrounds, and experiences, the more we will have to teach one another.

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